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Truyện cổ tích thế tục Việt Nam hay và ý nghĩa nhất

Secular fairy tales is one of the genres of fairy tales, revolving around the events of daily life, activities and activities of the people. The element of magic still exists but does not play a role in resolving conflicts and main contradictions in the work. This is a relatable and receptive genre.

1. The legend of betel nut

In the past, there were Tan and Lang who were two siblings, the body shape and face were exactly the same, the family members were also confused. Their father was the tallest man in the region who was once summoned by King Hung to Phong Chau and named him Cao. From then on the family took the surname “Cao”.

When the two brothers were growing up, their parents died. Both of them were in love with each other and never let go. Before his father died, he sent Tan to a Taoist surnamed Luu, Lang refused to stay at home alone and tried to beg to study with him. Taoist Liu has a daughter about the same age as them.

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To know who is me and who is me, one day a girl surnamed Liu devised a trick. While they were hungry, she only served them a bowl of porridge with a pair of chopsticks. Standing behind the wall, she saw this person giving porridge to the other person to eat, so she knew it was the brother. Tan and the girl met and fell in love. Taoist Luu willingly married Tan. After the wedding, the couple moved to a new house, with Lang living in the same house.

Since getting married, Tan has not cuddled me like before. Lang thought he was “falling in love with his wife and forgetting me” in his depressed heart.

One day Lang and Tan went up to the countryside to return home late at night. Lang first made Tan’s wife mistaken and hugged him. At that time, Tan entered the house and was jealous of him, indifferent to Lang. Lang was both angry and embarrassed. He left home at dawn, frustrated in his heart. A few days on the road, Lang came to the bank of a large, fast-flowing river. Lang decided not to come back, bowed down on the bank, hugged his face and cried. He cried and cried and cried, so much so that the birds that went to find food late at night could still hear the sobs. The next morning, Lang turned to stone.

The legend of betel nut - The best Vietnamese secular fairy tale

I still didn’t see her back after that, so I went to look for her and couldn’t find her. Knowing that I left because I was angry with him, he regretted it. The next day, he did not return, so Tan panicked, leaving his wife at home, and went to look for him. He came to the river bank and saw that I had turned to stone. Tan stood beside the stone and cried until he died and turned into a tree that grew straight up to the sky, next to the stone.

Tan’s wife waited until her husband returned, so she left home to look for him. She also went to the river to cry until her tears were dry and she died turning into a rope wrapped around the other tree.

After waiting for a long time to not see the three of them returning, the Taoist couple asked everyone to share the search. In front of the stone and two strange trees, they built shrines to all three young people by the riverside. People around the area call it the temple “brothers in harmony, husband and wife filial piety”.

One year, the weather was very dry, only two trees growing next to the stone in front of the temple were still green. People think it’s magical. King Hung one day passed through that country. When passing in front of the temple, the king was surprised and asked: “Which god does this temple worship? These trees we have never seen before?”. Lac General called some old people around the area to ask. The more Hung Vuong listened, the more he couldn’t stop being touched. The king drew leaves, climbed up, looked everywhere, and sent a person to climb a tree to pick the fruit down to taste it. The taste of the tea is nothing new. But when chewing with the leaves of the plant, a strange taste comes to the tip of the tongue: it is both sweet and spicy.

Suddenly a mandarin cried out: – “Oh my god! Blood!”. It turned out that the fields of chewing the fruit and leaves of those two trees, once spit on the rock, suddenly turned red like blood. The king ordered all three things to chew together, when suddenly he felt hot as if there was yeast, bright red lips and a beautiful rosy face. King said:

– It’s so magical! That’s right they are! Their love is so passionate and red.

Since then, King Hung ordered everywhere to breed many of these two plants, forcing boys and girls to get married no matter what, they must find three dishes: betel nut, areca and lime for everyone to chew and spit. to remember the love that never fades. Since then, Vietnamese people have the custom of eating betel nut.

To this day, betel nut is still an indispensable thing for the filial piety, friendship and marriage of Vietnamese people. It clearly shows the affection between family members.

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2. The legend of peach blossom

Once upon a time, in the east of Soc Son mountain, there was a long-standing peach blossom tree. Peach leaves are luxuriant, unusually large, with a dense shadow covering a wide area. There are two gods named Tra and Uat Luy residing on this giant peach tree, spreading their power to protect people throughout the region.

Secular fairy tale - The Tale of Peach Blossom

At that time, any demons or ghosts that came and went would be difficult to avoid the punishment of these two gods. Therefore, the devil was so afraid of the thunderous power of the two gods, that he was afraid of the peach tree. Just see the peach blossom branch and run away.

On the last day of the year, like other gods, Tra and Uat Luy had to go to heaven to pay homage to Ngoc Hoang. During the New Year’s Day, the two gods were absent from the world, the demons raged, and they were acting like monsters. In order to prevent the devil from harassing, people went to break peach blossom branches and put them in jars. Those who couldn’t break peach branches took rosemary paper and drew pictures of two gods and pasted them on the column in front of the house, to ward off evil spirits. The story of peach blossom also from there.

Every year, every New Year comes, every family tries to break peach blossom branches and put them in the house to exorcise evil spirits. However, later on, people forgot the mystical meaning of this custom because they no longer believed in ghosts and gods like their ancestors did in the past.

Legend of peach blossom

Today, fresh peach branches still appear in every house on the occasion of Tet to spring, but its meaning is far different from the old custom. Its beauty has brought warmth to every home, sowing in everyone’s heart joy, faith, love, hope for a good new year.

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Peach blossom is a symbol of hope for the new year, bringing wishes for a peaceful and lucky new year. So peaches are associated with Tet.

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3. Legend of the broom

Once upon a time, in the palace of the heavens, there lived a woman who was a very skillful cook. She made excellent fruit cakes, made foods so delicious that just one bite would be unforgettable. So the Jade Emperor let her take care of the cooking for her in Thien Tru. But she eat clumsy and greedy.

According to heaven, the servants all have their own food, they must not touch the good, even if the Jade Emperor eats leftovers. But that rule does not stop those who are already hungry. The woman still finds all sorts of ways to make the pantry of God run out.

Secular Fairy Tales: The Tale of the Broom

Although she was too young, she fell in love with an old man who was a horse herder for the heavens. The lives of horsemen are equally miserable in heaven and earth. He liked wine and from the moment he met this woman, he craved good food. She was so infatuated with him that he thought there was nothing more in the world. Whenever she saw that man crave food and drink of the Gods, she did not hesitate at all. Many times, she stole wine and meat in the hidden paradise and gave it to him. And many times she took him to sneak into the winery, leaving him alone.

One day, the Jade Emperor held a banquet to treat his courtiers. Grandma and other cooks were busy working. Only at dusk, the dishes had to be completed. Then when the moonlight of the full moon night shone brightly, everyone started to party. But in the middle of the meal being put on the tray, from afar, she heard the old horseman singing. She knew he was looking for her. She hurried to meet him and hid him in the corner of the cupboard. She gave him a few cups of wine, the best wine in heaven, and went back to make the last batch of macaroons.

That man had just returned from a horse bath at the riverbank. Holding a bowl of steamed rice, he suddenly remembered that the meat and wine must be in a state of confusion right now, so he hurriedly snuck here. In the dark, he gulped down several cups of wine to his delight. The cup of wine was delicious, and the steam rose up and made him dizzy. He suddenly wanted something spicy. In the dark, on the tray placed nearby, there were many delicious and fragrant aromas. Being hungry, he opened the cage to grovel to pick it up to…

When the servants inadvertently brought out a tray of goodwill, every bowl of the bowl was as if someone had tasted it first. The Jade Emperor just saw it and couldn’t stop his rage. The Jade Emperor’s shout was so fierce that everyone was scared. The party thus lost its fun.

The cook woman bowed her head in confession. And then both of them were banished to the ceiling, making brooms to work without stopping and finding food in the filth of the world. It is the heaviest sin in heaven.

After a long time, seeing the prisoners expressing their frustration that they had to do hard labor day after day without rest, the Jade Emperor lovingly ordered them to take three days off in a year. Those three days are the three days of the Lunar New Year.

Therefore, in the next life during the Lunar New Year, people have the custom of abstaining from sweeping the house. We Vietnamese have a riddle about the broom “There is a lady in the house who often licks” describing the spirit of sweeping the house, but in it there must be an implication to recall the legend of the broom.

The story criticizes gluttony, advises us to keep politeness in eating. Expanding to criticize the bad habits of people, when gluttony is said to be one of the worst vices of man, it must be eliminated.

Once upon a time, all the plants on Earth at the beginning only had leaves but no flowers like now. God sent the God of Beauty to draw thousands of different flowers with a pen for trees. Obeying God’s command, the Beauty God flew down to earth, going everywhere to paint flowers for trees.

  Legend of Ngoc Lan flower

After drawing, God looked back and was still not satisfied. I want to give fragrances to the flowers I just drew. Unfortunately, God does not have enough incense to distribute equally among all flowers. God decided to give this precious incense to the flower with the best heart, the most fragrant. God asked Rose:

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– If there is fragrance, what will your house do?

– I will ask the wind sister to bring gifts for all. Rose replied.

The God of Beauty was satisfied and immediately gave Rose a precious fragrance. God asked Milk Flower:

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– If there is fragrance, what will your house do?

– I will shine in the night so that no matter how dark the night is, everyone will recognize me. – Milk Flower replied.

This answer did not please the Beauty God very much. But then God also gave the fragrance to Hoa Sua. When he met a row of red shamans, the god asked again:

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– If there is fragrance, what will your house do?

Sunflower, with her mouth open, replied:

– If there is a fragrance, everyone will respect me. That bunch of Dong Rieng flowers don’t dare to show off their colors and compete with me anymore.

The Goddess of Beauty shook her head, sadly walking away. Going forever, giving almost all the incense, God met the Ngoc Lan flower:

– Oh, little Ngoc Lan flower. If I gave you this wonderful residual fragrance, what would you do?

Hoa Ngoc Lan thought for a moment. The Goddess of Beauty repeated the question until the third time Ngoc Lan flower hesitated to answer:

– Thank you God of Beauty. I like it very much. But I don’t want to take it.

The God of Beauty was surprised and asked:

Every flower wants me to give it. Why did your family refuse?

– I want God to bring this incense to give to flowers and grass. I can still be at the top. Hoa Co is already ugly and is being trampled on every day. Flowers are so miserable…

Speaking of which, Ngoc Lan flower burst into tears. The Goddess of Beauty was very touched and gave Ngoc Lan flowers more fragrance than other flowers.

It is because of her fragrant heart that Ngoc Lan flowers are always more fragrant than other flowers.

These fairy tales Secular is very close to daily life, mainly talking about birth stories, less climax and contradiction as well as more receptive. The fairy world is always rich and contains many new things that not everyone knows.



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